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Truthful, smart, and responsible legal representation; at the Illinois Legal Team, LLC we strive to make these qualities the cornerstones of our practice. Our firm was founded on the belief that access to the court systems through exceptional representation should be affordable to every individual. And while we are a young bunch looking to blaze our own path through the hallowed halls of justice, we will always put the needs of our clients first and give each matter personal, timely attention. It’s no surprise that all industries have been forever altered by the events of 2020, and with that, the legal arena is no exception. However, such drastic change has also brought upon endless possibilities. Our firm stands ready to help you face these challenges while also bringing cost-saving technology and know-how to the forefront of its practice. While other firms are struggling to adapt to these changes (and passing the costs onto their clients), the Illinois Legal Team remains ahead of the curve, ready to assist you or your business with whatever your legal needs may be.